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  1. No, I created the example just to post it here. Maybe "wtftest.zip"?
  2. I did, when I originally posted. Looks like you guys upgraded your forums. Did you lose the attachment in the upgrade? I don't have that example code anymore.
  3. This test throws error 1400 from VI Tester, no matter what Test Case class I put it in. No idea why. LV 13.1.
  4. Oh boy. My test wasn't passing. That's why your VI threw error 42, isn't it? If I wire a TRUE constant to the "pass" input, it works fine. Sorry about the false alarm.
  5. Actually, I'm getting the same error from "passIf.vi" in 32-bit LV now, too.
  6. I have a unit test whose test code executes fine in both 32-bit and 64-bit LV, but when I run the test in 64-bit, "passIf.vi" returns error 42 with no explanation. Again, the upstream test code executes fine with no error and the "pass" Boolean TRUE. Have you seen this kind of behavior before? Anything I can do to poke at it?
  7. I can install the latest version of the VIPM API (v2014.0.0.38) into LabVIEW 2013 SP1 f6 x64, but its API is broken. It looks like y'all embedded the OpenG ZLIB dependency in your package, and that calls a 32-bit DLL.
  8. Thanks, Jim. I'll try to test it this week with some of my off-project time. If it works, it'll enable me to upgrade all my in-house tools to VIPM 2014 and start updating 3rd-party packages that already moved to the newer version. (So I'm grateful for this patch. Thanks!)
  9. If the "Path to VIPB File" input doesn't specify a file named ".vipb", the VI returns error 42 with the message: "VIPM API_vipm_api.lvlib:Check vipb path Input_vipm_api.vi<ERR>The path does not point to a .vipb file. Please specify a path to a .vipb file." This error was thrown when I gave it the valid path "C:\TestBuildSpec.vipb" using VIPM 2014 Pro.
  10. I can use "Read VI Package Build Spec" to get my Package Version cluster from a VIPB file. If I pass that cluster into "Write VI Package Build Spec" and the major version is 0, the latter VI throws error 42 with the message "VIPM API_vipm_api.lvlib:Check Build Spec Input_vipm_api.vi<ERR>The package version cannot be 0 (zero) for the major number or the build number." That's not true in VIPB 2013 or 2014, though. I have several pre-release packages with majorVersion = 0, and I can build them in the VIPB UI just fine. Is this a legacy constraint or a bug in the API logic?
  11. Actually, I think I spoke too soon. I see that if the build spec doesn't give any license text, the license file isn't included in the ZIP. I added logic to handle this gracefully. Thanks!
  12. This doesn't work for .ogp files and some .vip files I've seen on LAVA. Specifically, these two don't have a "license" file in the root of the ZIP; the license is buried in a config file named "spec", instead. http://lavag.org/files/file/163-icon-editor-api/ http://lavag.org/files/file/212-sqlite-labview/ It'd be one thing if I could use the file type to decide which format to look for ("license" or "spec"), but one of those is a VIP file that's been updated pretty recently. Did the file format change at some point? Is there a format version I can check to decide where to look for the license in a given file?
  13. Is there a way to do extract the full text of a software license/copyright from a .vip with the VIPM API? I need to automatically collate the licenses for dependencies in a new text file as part of our build process.
  14. I'm using the VIPM API, and I can't figure out how to add a specified list of packages to a VIPC file. All I can do is scan a project or VI for dependencies. I need to automate the build of a VIPC based on the outputs of other build steps, though. None of this code will be called from another VI or project on the build server.
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