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  1. It solved my problem too Thank you. /Bjarne
  2. Hi Is it a bug in the latest version and in that case, can I dowload an older and get rid of the problem? Regards Bjarne
  3. Did you find a solution for this problem. I got it too regards Bjarne
  4. Hi I got this error when I try to build a package. (see attachment) I use VIPM 2012 and labview2011 Thanks in advance Bjarne
  5. Yes, we also use the 'Data' cluster, but with this suggestion you are always shure that the argument is always landing at the right state and you don't have to think about cleaning the data cluster. /Bjarne J
  6. Hi First I will say thank you for the statemachine. It has been a tremendous help to make decent and nice SW development. I have a suggestion to the argument. I need to send a LF with the argument, but that is also the state terminator. Then I have done this VI(see picture) Put this in here (see picture) and you can make states like this: State >> argument1<47><47> will make this argument: argument1// State >> hansen<64>dk.dk will make this argument: hansen@dk.dk regards Bjarne J
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