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  1. Thanks four your response but ..... When I launch the VIPM, it ask me if I want an update, I answer yes, it download all files and it begin installation and i n the middle it answer me "une erreur est intervenue pendant la création de la tâche partagée JKIUpdateTask.job. descritpion de l'erreur, paramètre incorrect" When I want install all program of labview (lego, motion, etc....) there are error!!! But Labview (minimal) run normaly
  2. Hi, During insatllation of Labview 2013 Error message is " VI Package Manager 2013: An error occurred when creating a scheduled task 'JKIUpdateTask.job'. Error description parameter is incorrect. " How to solve this error ? He used LabVIEW 201 and Windows 8 (64bit). Thanks in advance of your response.
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