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  1. Hi! Please don't ask why, but I'm trying to install the Package Manager on Ubuntu (KDE), but it's not going well. Now, just to make sure I'm not trying something that's deemed impossible or finding solutions to already solved problems, I thought I'd ask this community if this has been done? My current problem seem to be rather Linux specific, but I'm not really fluent in the Linux world so I wouldn't really know. However, trying to run vipm-2.0.3-linux results in Can't load LabVIEW runtime library /usr/local/lib/LabVIEW-8.2/liblvrt.so.8.2 /usr/local/lib/LabVIEW-8.2/linux/libOSMesa.so.4: undefined symbol: _glapi_Context Any ideas, anyone? //Martin
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