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  1. Hi Michael, I' have the same porblem VIPM just dies after start. I'm running W7-64 bit. 8 cores, 16G of RAM I've tried to run it in XP-SP3 Compatiable mode, and as Administrator but still I can't get it running. Can I find an older version of VIPM to try with? Cheers, Mike
  2. Okay, now I understand what you mean, and how you use the Macro concept. Regarding the Idle case, I always have the habit of explicit put Idle as the next state to remove confusions. But I see your point when using the Macro-approach. BTW, it was really fun and challenging to develop the State Analyze function to work with JKI’s state machine. Especially when you have a queued sequence A-B-C. And in State B a new state like B1 is added in the beginning of the queue so the result will actually be: A-B-B1-C Cheers, Mikael
  3. Hi Jim I can't answer right away how and if this new input helps you. But I like to have a default transition from one state to another, but sometimes I like to borrow that particular state and not have that state add anything in the queue that I don’t know about. This would happen if I use the “State(s) at Back†input. I’ve attached a state machine where I’ve used this new input, please let me know how you would solve the problem. I’ve also attached a State diagram of the state machine. StateMachine_LV85_Main.vi Cheers, Mikael
  4. Hi I’ve updated our version of the “Add State(s) to Queueâ€, with an input I call: EmptyQueueNextState The value on this input will only be used (if the output value is about to be an empty string) So why do I like this? I normally use this entry all the time when I need to support queued event in a state and this state don’t have to be followed by a particular state. It’s like the “Default†state this case will go to, if there is nothing in the queue then you go here. My scenario is like this. I use this input when I want to go from state A to B to C But from an Idle state I need to run only B, and then go back to Idle again. I could of cause add all states when I go to A in the queue (A,B,C), but I like it when it’s easier to see what default state a case will go to. Comments? Cheers, Mikael
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