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  1. Hi Jim, I was still having trouble with VIs not being included even after manually adding them to the .vipc, but that seemed to be caused by the dependencies being set as internal. I'm happy at this stage to manually specify packages, I'm not seeing any contradiction in the expected behavior. Thanks for your help, Eric
  2. Hi Jim, One of the problem packages indeed had the dependencies listed as internal. Setting the dependency to external in the VI Package Builder prevented the inclusion of externally packaged VIs. When doing the dependency search, I was prompted to remove the packages I'd added manually. Removing those manual dependencies still resulted in a package built with local copies of VIs from other packages. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hi, We have several packages in our code library that do not seem to detect the correct dependencies. So when the package is installed, it includes copies of VIs that should be sourced from other installed packages. This can cause problems when the VIs in question are used for sharing data. I'm using VIP Professional 2.0.3 with LabVIEW 8.5.1 There also seems to be a disconnect in the .vipc and the .vipb files. The VI Package Configuration file does not list all dependencies (see attachment .vipc.png), but they're present in the .vipb file: nirsc_html_help_common >= 2.0 oglib_appcontrol >= 2.10 oglib_array >= 2.7 oglib_error >= 2.3 oglib_file >= 2.8 oglib_lvdata >= 2.9 oglib_string >= 2.6 ogrsc_dynamicpalette >= 0.17 sbr_lib_50-01_typedef >= 1.0.9 sbr_lib_50-02_globals >= 1.0.9 sbr_lib_50-04_file >= 1.0.5 sbr_lib_50-05_error >= 1.0.1 sbr_lib_50-12_timing >= 1.0.2 This LLB installed by VIPM contains two files that should be from dependent packages (attachment package_llb.png). They're obvious from the double package suffix. When I manually specify the missing packages by dragging them from VIPM to the VIPC Editor, the files are not included in the package. Thanks, Eric
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