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  1. Thanks. I figured I would try here because I got the toolkit for my LV2011 from the VIPM
  2. Does anyone know if there's a ftp toolkit or any kind of ftp mods for this older labview version?
  3. That requires me to purchase the "Pro" version. I can't do that. I'm just trying to build a simple ftp transfer program just to make my life a little easier. Seems every step of the way I have some kind of hassle with labview. I have 2011 with full home license, but it's almost useless because I can't get any of the toolkits. There has to be a way to make it work. Is there an older VIPM available to support legacy devices?
  4. I've been looking around for a solution and so far the only thing that seems to be a possibility is to download the toolkits I want on the new pc then transfer them to the older one. Has anyone tried this? Is it as simple as it sounds?
  5. I guess I'm out of luck here huh. Any chance the VIPM will work for an older LV version like 7?
  6. More specifically the CPU is AMD T-Bird. Slot A. Was there a work around?
  7. I'm a bit embarrassed to say but, It is an older pc that I built ages ago. 32 bit winxp with labview 2011. Not even sp1 2G CPU with 1G DDR Ram. (Sweet for it's day lol) Anyway, I have a home license generated for this machine only and slow as it is, I can still build executable programs in LV. I really need some of the open g toolkits to do what I want but this error's got me kinda bummed. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have a home licensed version ov lv 2011 and want to use the vipm. I installed it but get this error when I attempt to start it <see attachment> Any ideas what I can do? Thanks vipm_error.bmp
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