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  1. To add more details, Is there a way to add a specified set of already built packages to the VIPC ? I do not want to specify the project folder & rebuild it again to create a VIPC.
  2. Hi all, Is there a way to create a VIPC file programmatically using the VIPM APIs given a set of packages? There are APIs to Create a new empty VIPC Scan for a Project or Directory & add to VIPC Apply VIPC but there is none to add a specified set of packages to the VIPC. How can I do this? Thanks, Priyadarsini S
  3. Hi all, I have built a vipb file for my module. Later when I move the same module to a different folder along with the vipb file & now open it, it says that it is 'VI Package Builder was unable to retrieve the existing build settings for thi sproject and instead is using default built parameters.' Why is this error? I have moved my entire folder so that its hierarchy will not be affected. Thanks, Priyadarsini S
  4. Hi, I have a test package which is dependent on a package x>= Now if x of version is already installed & if I double-click the test.vipc (containing test.vip), it shows that x will be downgraded. But if I directly double-click test.vip, x is not shown in the list. Ideally x should not be downgraded as the dependency type is >=. Now why this is happening & what is the solution? Thanks, Priyadarsini S
  5. Ashish, I started working on this lab computer recently & there are some packages installed previously. So I was not sure why VIPM stopped working suddenly. But now after re-installing it, it works. Thank you.
  6. Ashish, The vipc is now associated with a program VIPMHelper.exe and it is recognized as a VI Package Configuration. I am not able to locate that VIPMHelper.exe though. Also right-clicking on the file shows Apply Configuration menu. If I change its association to VIPM File Handler.exe, then its type is not recognized & there is no info on VIPM in its right-click menu. Hence its association with VIPM is lost. But still I changed it to VIPM File Handler & double-clicking it launches the main screen & stays there. It does not proceed to installation. Thanks, Priyadarsini S
  7. Missed one point. After installation of v2 (in case2) v2 shows a conflict symbol in VIPM . So it knows that they are conflicts. Also downgrade works in all conditions.
  8. Hi Ashish, VIPM icon correctly launches the main screen and not LVTN. One more thing I noticed is the VIPC icon next to the file. It is not how it is in other computers. Attached are the 2 icons.
  9. Hi Team, I have 2 packages v1 & v2 which are conflicting with each other. So v1 is added as a conflict to v2. Now below are 2 situations. 1. v1 is installed in the computer. v2 package is double-clicked. It identifies v1 as a conflict & shows user that v1 will be uninstalled & v2 will be installed. 2. v1 is installed in the computer. Double-clicked the vipc file which contained just v2 (vipc just contains the reference & not the package - unchecked Store Package In File On Save). It does not show v1 as conflict. What is the reason for case 2? Why vipc is not identifying the conflicts? Also what is a spec file? When will it be created? Thanks, Priyadarsini S
  10. Hi, Double-clicking on a *.vipc file in a computer, which has VIPM 2013 (build 1878) installed, is opening the LabVIEW Tools Network window and not the main VI Package Manager window. Even if I navigate to the main window from the Tools window, nothing happens. What might be the issue? Thanks, Priyadarsini S
  11. I have a package x with dependencies a & b. What is the order of uninstallation for these? Will it be 'x' first followed by 'a' and 'b'? I will want it to happen that way - first remove the top package & then its dependencies else if there is any problem during uninstallation, the top package will not be left alone without the dependencies.
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