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  1. Looks like that worked. Thanks a bunch. Edit: yep, played with it some more and everything seems ok. Little false alarm where it turns out I made a package a dependency of itself, but everything seems to be working. With this patch, is it something you're planning on rolling in to an update at some point? Will me having this patched version cause any issues? If I build .vipc files (which were not working before) and someone tries to install them, will they need to have this patched VIPM installed? Thanks, Daniel
  2. Hi, I've got a series of dependent packages which basically follows this format: A B depends on A C depends on B D depends on B and C M1-M<N> depend on B, and potentially other packages E1-E<N> depend on D and M<N> Right now, I have an issue where VIPM shows a significant number of these pieces as broken. For example, a pair M1 and E1 are broken and shown below: I click on the error button in the bottom right and it shows me these items as missing...and of course, all of them are not missing (except an unrelated one, which has its name erased in the image): Can you help me identify what the actual problem is? I've taken a look at the spec page for the packages in the first image, and everything looks all right (ie the packages they are linked to are actually the package names I've installed). I've tried removing all old packages from the VIPM library. I've tried removing dependencies and re-adding them to my packages. I'm pretty much out of ideas. Thanks, Daniel Edit: There also appear to be a few packages whose dependencies are not linking during install/uninstall. For example, I installed M2, and E2 did not uninstall. However when I ask M3 to uninstall, E3 correctly removes itself. For M2, I just opened the build spec, deleted all dependencies, added all dependencies back in, and the problem remains. The "Get info" function clearly shows the fact that it requires another package, but there is no right click option to "install missing dependencies".
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