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  1. So yes this may be a bit vague but I'm having a problem installing VIPM on a fresh laptop. First. LV is not installed. If this crashes everything stop me now and I'll go do that. (I need a specific version blah blah blah and it is in the works.) Ok so I have downloaded it from firefox, launched the exe. No problem. I get the welcome to the VI Package Manager 2014 setup wizard page. Click next. I accept the terms, next. Default folder, next. Unselect ugly desktop shortcut option, Install. Suddenly a pop-up arrives with "Open File - Security Warning" title asking me "Do you want to run this file?". I commonly see this when opening a downloaded file, not while in the installer that is running. Click run. Prompt says it is installing things and copying things. (this is when I'd get a user account prompt and it would kill something.) Well. It worked on the third try while typing this up. Perhaps it's a UAC issue, still reproduced the strange downloaded file access prompt mid-install. I got this far so I'm not going to delete this, but do with it what you want. I'm happy I have things working now. I have a dozen new laptops that I would typically just re-image, but if there is value in reproducing these steps I can do that.
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