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  1. I agree with James, why buy a new license if no improvements will be made. What is the expected release date?
  2. I found 2 basic errors when VIPM tries to set the default menu for a class. 1) the DefaultMenu xml tag does not match the project item's Name tag. These are case sensitive. Example: <Property Name="NI.Lib.DefaultMenu" Type="Str">functions_nts_lib_Object_Attributes.mnu</Property> <Item Name="functions_NTS_lib_Object_Attributes.mnu" Type="Document" URL="/<menus>/Categories/ReBT/functions_NTS_lib_Object_Attributes.mnu"/> Notice the missing capitalization on NTS 2) The URL of the Item is does not start with '/<menus>/' it starts with a series of ../../../ as a relative path from the installation location of the class. Here are two VIs that can be used to fix the problem and allow the default palette to work. Please note that is not a solution for the community, however it is a demonstration of the fix. It could be a solution if Post Install scripts included dependent VIs or this VI was pre-installed as a package that other packages were dependent on so that this VI exists prior to installing other packages. I hope that these are fixed in the next release of VIPM. Thanks, VIMP Post-Install Custom Action - Decompress Libraries.vi VIPM Fix Class Palette.vi
  3. Item #1 does not work on a very basic class with out locking or passwords. I was able to get the palette to attach to a library. Unfortunately 90% of my code base is OOP and adding the palette to the library does not allow it to show up on VIs that are part of a class within the library. It seems like VIPM is able to add the mnu file to the class, but is unable to set it as the default palette. You can modify the class after it is installed through the right-click properties and then set the palette, however, this is tedious and i cannot reasonably expect users of my packages to manually do this. I sure hope this gets fixed in the next release. I'm using the latest build as of April.
  4. Okay, so the work around for this problem is to create a wrapper library of VIs that contains the VI in the Packed Project Library. On the palette set the place contents flag. Please note that you will not be able to include the packed project library in the VIP diue to the builder trying to move or recomplile the VIs within the PPL. So for now I have to manually place my PPL in my user.lib folder. My next attempt at a work-around until this is fixed in VIPM, will be to zip the LVLIPB and create a post install method to unzip the LVLIPB. Hope this helps someone.
  5. I was able to select a folder containing a PPL, it shows up in the source files, however, i cannot create a Menu Palette, is this supported in 2014? Thanks,
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