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  1. Built packages that are "keepers" get stored in SVN along with their source. You could argue that's a silly thing to do, but it's a convenient way to make sure that version of the package never disappears in case you need it for antiquity. We don't have a UNC method of accessing our SVN repo that we know of, no shadow copy is being generated.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Jim. Unfortunately we don't have many Pro licenses, and I'd rather not create a repository for something that I think should be an allowable ad hoc operation. We have different teams using different SVN repos, and on occasion its nice to share useful developer enhancement packages (like Quickdrop plugins), without having to put them into a shared VIPM repo and having all clients point to the shared repo (with a license they don't have). Instead they should be able to just send out an email with a hyperlink, or put the hyperlink in a wiki page, and have a single click pull it up on VIPM. Sounds like this is not currently possible, shame... Not too big of a problem, just requires downloading the package locally first, then double clicking locally. I was hoping there was a simple way to skip that step. Nate
  3. I want to put a link on our internal wiki page that points to a package in SVN but automatically calls VIPM to open this package and ask they user if they want to install it. Essentially I want to do something like this: vipm://https://<repo/path>/<packagename>.vip Is there a syntax for doing this?
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