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  1. Here it is. Marc ____________________________ Just found a bug in my source. There was a broken control, which could not be opened. I fixed this and everything is working fine now. Marc
  2. Hi, I get this error message while building a package, which consist only of boolean controls: There was a problem building CTL_Boolesch. (see uploaded screenshot) How can I debug this? The package has been built before. I just changed a few things. Marc
  3. Hi, I have around 20 packages, placing them inside a VIPC-file, which is saved on the file server of my company (Novell Netware) for my colleagues. When I try to install the packages from the VIPC-file directly from the file server, it takes ages to load the list of packages inside the VIPC-file. Copying the file to my local disk and installing from there just takes seconds, if at all. What could be wrong there? Thanks for any help in advance, Marc
  4. Hi, I do have another solution (tested with VIPM 2.0.3): instead of choosing in the menu "File -> Apply a Package Configuration" you can use "File -> Add Package(s) to Package List" and than choose the .VIPC file. This lists you all packages inside the .VIPC and allows you to install these, even if the .VIPC file was made for 8.5 and you want to install the packages in 8.6. I d'ont know if this is an intended feature. Regards Marc
  5. I know. I told Jim already, that I would like to be Beta-Tester for the Enterprise version. Thanks for the hack. As far as I can see it does work. Regards, Marc
  6. Hi, I have LV8.5 installed and all my packages are created with LV8.5. I bundle my packages in a .VIPC file for sharing with my colleagues. But I have a problem: some colleagues use LV8.6. They cannot use my .VIPC files, since they are made for LV8.5. I changed manually the version in the config.xml to 8.6, but than VIPM says, that this is not a valid .VIPC file (I changed the version via unzipping with WinRAR, editing the file, and adding it again to the .VIPC file). Therefore my question is, how can I create .VIPC files for not installed LabVIEW versions or modifying an existing .VIP
  7. I can tell you how I made this. I'm using LV8.5, therefore I have to create the meta palette by hand, since with LV8.5 you cannot create palettes with VIs. I used the palette editor to create my palette at the planned location (<lvfolder>\menus\categories) and set it to synchronize with the folder, where I place all my reusable VIs and palettes. Then I used the OpenG Package builder to create a package, which only contains my .mnu file. I make all my packages to depend on this palette package. I also did this for my control packages. Hope this helps. Regards, Marc
  8. As a Pro Customer I would like to evaluate the enterprise version. But since I will be three weeks out of house, I will contact you in the middle of August about this. OK, thanks for the info.
  9. The idea is, that I build packages and place them in a folder on a network drive. My colleagues start VIPM, VIPM scans the folder, bingo, there is an update. If I do understand you correct, I create a VI Package Configuration (.vipc) file, which includes all my packages. My colleagues use this file to install all packages. If I update any package, I update the .vipc file, too. My colleagues open the updated .vipc file and bingo, they get all updates? Regards, Marc
  10. I can only describe my situation: 1.) My company must check every new software, before it is installed on a pc. Therefore I have to go to IT, tell them I have this cool tool called VIPM and want it to be installed on my pc. Then I have to wait for them to give it free for installation. Of course in my case I just installed it anyway, because I d'ont want to wait for the always overworked IT. But officially I'm not allowed to use it right now. 2.) My company has restricted policies regarding software. Our customers are worse... But if I can say to them: Guys, you want our software, here
  11. Hi, I had this idea while writing another one. VIPM is a cool tool to create and distribute packages, but if I want to share packages with someone, who doesn't want (or is allowed) to install VIPM, I have a problem. Therefore it would be nice if I could create an installer, which installs (and uninstalls) the packages for me. This could be build upon a package configuration file (vipc). Regards, Marc
  12. Hi, I use VIPM now for about a month and have build quite a lot of packages. Of course I want to share these with my colleagues, but my customers should not get the full code. We often have projects, where we sell our customers the source code, but this does not include our company library. Therefore it would be nice, if I could build from one spec file two packages, one with and one without block diagrams. In this way I could give my packages (and the VIPM installer) to my customers and protect the IP of my company. Of course I know, that I could build a Hook VI, which removes the blo
  13. Hi, it would be cool, if I could configure VIPM to scan one or more directories for new and updated packages. Regards, Marc
  14. Thanks! I will try it out, but I'm sure it will work Marc
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