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  1. Hello Jim, if I buy the full library there is a way for the direct access to XML records without building a data structure? Carmine
  2. With a great work I was able to extract data. I attach the solution, in order to leave other people to understand. I think that this library is not very powerful. For big XML build a Cluster-Dataset is so difficult and you can have very much problem. in C/C++/Jave there are libraries that allows you directly data extract, for example: A=Node_A.Node_.Code_C.attribute_a This can be a very good solution. Ciao! Carmine Neue_Parser.vi
  3. Hallo! First of alla I declare that I´m not skilled with XML. I´ve a big .XML file generated by TestStand. I have to recognize a special Dataset and not All dataset. For example in the attached XML I want to extract only the ARRAY from: TestResultCollection > TestResults > TestGroup > Test. I tried to build a Labview-Cluster type but at the moment I can´t make this with the Lybraries. Can you help me with an example? Thank you. Ciao! Carmine test_01_ok.xml
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