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  1. Well, you are right about corrupting the files through mass compilation. I downloaded a fresh copy of VIPM to the intel mac running OS 10.4, and it found the file an initialized just fine. The only error during installation was However, it finished installation, and I haven't found any problems yet. I guess VIPM 1.0 will just have to do for my old ibook. From some of the older posts in this forum, it looks like VIPM 1.1 wasn't released for OSX because VIPM 2.0 was released before that happened. Is this correct?
  2. This is the installer. I tried opening the LLB or the file on OS 10.5 (intel), but I got the same errors. However, the installer worked fine on the intel mac. I copied the installed files from the intel mac to the ppc mac, but when I tried opening it, it started the installer (the errors were no different, either). After trying the installer on an intel OS 10.4 mac, I believe there's both a ppc problem and a 10.4 problem. The 10.4 problem is the prompting for a Labview file. The ppc problem seems to be the way it evokes an error when you select a VI that can't be loaded. (I'll try to get a video of it on the OS 10.4 intel, but I have to update Quicktime first to be compatible with Jing) I attached the mass-compile error log from the 10.4 intel, but I don't think it's any different. (I don't think it's different for the 10.5 intel, for that matter. I'm starting to wonder why that one worked in the first place.)
  3. When I start the installer, the LV 8.2 runtime engine splash screen shows. That's fine, but when it disappears, the installer asks me to open a Labview file. It doesn't accept Labview.app, or just any old VI. I found an LLB inside the app (through "show contents"), but I can't load the top-level VI ("setup-splash.vi"). Here's the error message: Here's what happens if I try to open it with LV 8.5 (I'll summarize this time) When I open the LLB, it won't show any files (and I actually have to force-quite Labview). I've also attached the mass compile log. I installed VIPM 1.0, and that installed well (and seems to work), however, I'm under the impression that many VI packages are not available with VIPM 1.0. Any help would be quite excellent. vipm_2.0.3.app_mass_compile.log.zip
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