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  1. There are no stupid questions only stupid answers (german saying) Hello Michael I update the package by building a new package with a new version number. I do this to test the handling of the packages. Yes the package is in the repository. Here is the Screen shot. Frank
  2. Hello I did some more tests. This error occurs when I did an update of an installed package. e.g. Name1.0.0 to Name 2.0.0. It although appears when I want to install the last version of an Package which is not installed. e.g. i´ve got three packages in my repository Name1.0.0, 2.0.0, 3.0.0. I want to install 3.0.0 That doesn´t work. I can only install 1.0.0 Could anyone out there help me? Frank
  3. Hallo I created a package an stored it in the repository. Now I want to intall it with the manager. I get the following error message: VIPM could not download[Filename] from the remote server. I can check the network for new packages. So I think there no problem with the connection to the repository. So whats wrong? frank
  4. Hi I´m doing some tests with the Community Edition 3.0 of the Package manager. I add a repository path to the network options. After that I press the "Check the Network for Available Packages" button on the tool bar, in order to get all packages of this path into the package list. But it doesn´t work. I get an errormessage which told me to check the network connection. Did I something wrong? Or isn´t this possible without the repository manager? Frank
  5. Hi I created a packege with some VI´s called Test Version 1.0.0 and installed it. It works. Now I created the same package Version 2.0.0. It is although saved on the lokal disk. How can i tell the package manager to look for (this)new package? I only found it to look in the network! Frank
  6. Hi Jim Thank you for your help. It works! Frank
  7. Hi Jim, Sorry for my late answer. I was out of office for a few days. Thank you for your help. I will test it and will give you a reply. Frank
  8. Hi I try to configure the VIPM but I´ve got no connection to the internet to check the network for available Packages. So I try to apply a VI package configuration but I didn´t find any configuration file. Although I try to add a package in the File Menu but I didn´t find any. This steps are posted in the package building guide. Where is my problem? Frank
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