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  1. Hi,


    I tried to upgrade oglib_array, but failed.


    The follwong is the error details.



    Main Package Name: oglib_array-3.0.0-1

    Package Name with Error: oglib_array-2.7-1

    Error Message: VIPM could not uninstall the package oglib_array-2.7-1 .

    Error Code: 1

    Error Source: (bad package file specified) BF5AE5954C86E8E999747D01BC21E40E in 2065AF12D17ADD009AB5D8131A6109CC->2E64F55B98025BDD6C04B3D67A3FBF46->AFFAFD8700F06C0904A7FC42A25CF5AB.lvlib:DF511C25E8306E8E030C73148AA87A04->AFFAFD8700F06C0904A7FC42A25CF5AB.lvlib:6CD004B07843F8905B488D0EA2589DC7->65750C4E927A273B25947805EDE4B75E->VIPM Main Window.vi




    Please let me know how to sort out the problem? I am using LabView 8.6.1 on Wondows Vista32.


    Jong Hyun

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