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  1. Jim, it was the original LV App Builder. I'll take a look at Lava. Thanks guys!
  2. Hello guys, Firstly let me say that this framework is great. I just started using it and it helped me to make the apps much more modular then they used to be. Now, I was wondering if any of you seen the error during EXE building in LV2009. Unless you check the "Use LABView 8.x file layout ", the builder will end up with following error: Queue__jki_lib_state_machine.vi Invoke Node in AB_Source_VI.lvclass:Close_Reference.vi->AB_Build.lvclass:Copy_Files.vi->AB_Application.lvclass:Copy_Files.vi->AB_EXE.lvclass:Copy_Files.vi->AB_Build.lvclass:Build.vi->AB_Application.lvclass:Build.vi->AB_EXE.lvclass:Build.vi->AB_Build.lvclass:Build_from_Wizard.vi->AB_UI_Frmwk_Build.lvclass:Build.vi->AB_UI_FRAMEWORK.vi->AB_Item_OnDoProperties.vi->AB_Item_OnDoProperties.vi.ProxyCaller <APPEND> Method Name: <b>Save:Target Instrument</b> Visit the Request Support page at ni.com/ask to learn more about resolving this problem. Use the following information as a reference: Error 6 occurred at AB_Source_VI.lvclass:Close_Reference.vi -> AB_Build.lvclass:Copy_Files.vi -> AB_Application.lvclass:Copy_Files.vi -> AB_EXE.lvclass:Copy_Files.vi -> AB_Build.lvclass:Build.vi -> AB_Application.lvclass:Build.vi -> AB_EXE.lvclass:Build.vi -> AB_Build.lvclass:Build_from_Wizard.vi -> AB_UI_Frmwk_Build.lvclass:Build.vi -> AB_UI_FRAMEWORK.vi -> AB_Item_OnDoProperties.vi -> AB_Item_OnDoProperties.vi.ProxyCaller Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: Generic file I/O error. ========================= NI-488: I/O operation aborted. Cheers Martin
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