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  1. Solved my own problem, again. It seems I accidentally created a recursive shortcut (.lnk) file somehow in my source branch. This was causing VIPB to enter a recursive loop. The error report created in %ProgramData%\JKI\VIPM\error helped me track it down. The larger problem was how long it took me to find said error report. I never did find any documentation about an error log other than the binary one which is of no use to me. Having stumbled on the text error report, it took me right to the source of my problem.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to update a package that was previously building just fine. I've made what I thought were inconsequential changes to the contents of the package (updated a few VIs... no new dependencies) and the package no longer builds. VIPM seems to hang at "Testing for empty source." What does this mean? How can I figure out what's causing the hang and move forward? Thanks, Jason
  3. Hmm... no one from JKI has bit on this yet. Here's a little more information. Perhaps it will help. I've attached a screenshot of the situation to the post. Clicking the "Error Details" button shows a dialog with the following text. Main Package Name: Live HDF5 (1.1 Beta 2) (System) v1.1.0.73 Package Name with Error: Live HDF5 (1.1 Beta 2) (System) v1.1.0.73 Error Message: VIPM could not install the package lvhdf5_system- . Error Code: 1 Error Source: Open/Create/Replace File in ZLIB Read Compressed File__ogtk.vi->VIPM ZLIB Extract File (Optimized).vi->006D7B8D086AE4CA865D8D7882C70CAA->995784DC153031C2896CBA8992A6EFA3->OGPM Class.lvlib:BF046E12330E3D901A9FA815497F26CC->OGPM Class.lvlib:968239FABAFA58D305528EF3DD4CE1AD->1ECB61166404ABCF592B9976749FE772->VIPM Main Window.vi<APPEND> h5helper.dll:\ ===============
  4. Hello, I have a custom post-install action in my package which copies some files around and deletes a few files, some of which were installed by the package. (If you're wondering why I delete files I just installed, I have some dependencies which are different depending on whether I'm installing to 64-bit or 32-bit LabVIEW. I install both, then copy the correct files to the final destination location and delete the others.) The action works correctly and generates no errors (at error code output terminal), but after installation the report shows that VIPM attempted to install two packages, one called (System) that has failed and the main package which has succeeded. E.g.: MyPackage (System) installation failed. MyPackage installation succeeded. The package then shows up in the main VIPM window as broken (the normal install icon has a red, triangular-outlined ! over top of it). However, it works fine. There is a corresponding pre-uninstall action which deletes the copied files. It works, and the remainder of the package is properly uninstalled. I assume that the (System) package is referring to some package that handles the custom actions. Any idea why is the (System) package reporting a failure and how can I get it to stop? Thanks, Jason
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