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  1. Hello I am experiencing a problem when trying to build a package that features a number of classes in a single LabVIEW packed library. With VIPM 2014.0.0 (build 1941) Free Edition and LabVIEW 2013.0.1f2 on Windows 7 professional 64-bit I get the following error during build: *************************************************** There was a problem building Multiplexer Toolkit. Error Details: Code: 10 Source: Error 10 occurred at New VI Library.vi Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: Duplicate path. ========================= NI-488: Asynchronous I/O operation in progress. Error Conditions: Create Target File error: File Path: <Not A Path> ************************************************** I have attached the code if this helps with locating my problem; I am trying to build the contents of Builds>VIPM into a package - see the Multiplexer Toolkit.vipb for more details. Cheers John Multiplexer Toolkit.zip
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