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  1. Ashish, We try to un-installed the VIPM from Control Panel (can not find VIPM uninstall), and then Delete the folders as you metioned. Reinstall VIPM 2014, but no luck, it is the same issue. When Install the VIPM, by default, the .vip file is opened with "VI Package Manager.exe", need manually to change to "VIPM File Handler.exe". But after doing this change, the "VIPM File Handler.exe" just flash away, when double click the .vip file. From the below attached screenshot, it seems, can not recognize as VI Package file. Thanks.
  2. We have a PC with Windows 7 and VIPM 2014. When I double click the .vip package file which other people send to me. It doesn’t install the package. I can see it launched the VIPM File Handler in the Taskbar, but it disappear very soon. But it can install the items which is in VIPM Manager window, like the OpenG libraries. What the different I can see is the icon of the .vip file is different as it in other PC. And from the file property, I can see the .vip file is Opens with VIPM File Handler.exe. Please see the attachment. I have try to un-install and re-install, tried VIPM 2013 and VIPM 2014 were the same.
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