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  1. Just a quick question....we were wanting to distribute our "released" re-use library as packed libraries instead of source code like we have been to prevent unintentional modification. We also desired to continue using VIPM as the distribution tool since it does such a great job managing versions. I tried to build one of our simplier tools into a VI package containing only the target packed library but I got an error (see below). Since packed libraries are a new feature of LV2010, I was wondering if VIPM supports them? Thanks Jason
  2. Okay it worked. I finally got the package to install. I changed the name of the package like you suggested but that did not help the problem. The package still would not install, nor would it appear in my package listing for package manager. I then built another iteration of the RCF package I had made previously and it installed just fine. On a whim, I used a file diff view to compare the contents of the two OpenG Package Build files (*.ogpb) just to see what the differences were. Looking those I noticed that, besides the file names and number of files, on difference was that in the failing package I had included a parameter that restricted the OS to windows XP. I did it by typing it in not by selecting a value. I thought that perhaps I had entered this information wrong so I deleted the OS requirement. I rebuilt the package and it installed just fine. I have already done a quick mod to the package, built and installed the package again. No problems. Is there any way that the error that was reported could have been related to the OS restriction? Also, after I changed the file name and tried to install the package, I looked in the folder you specified for an error file and there was no error file created. There were others from previous days, mostly with errors about LabVIEW not connecting when installing a file. Thanks for the help! Jason
  3. That's exactly what we've talked about doing. We have even discussed using a similar approach to test critical elements (those that can be anyway) of standard builds.
  4. Thanks I'll try that this afternoon. If not I will do as you ask. Using it some. Still trying to wrap my head around the idea and the best way to identify test cases. I think it will be a useful tool once I understand the best way to use it in my applications. Right now I am working in unit testing into the re-use library we are building as a starting point. Thanks Jason
  5. I have encountered a problem trying to install a package of VIs with VI package manager. The package is a set of re-use VIs that is placed in the user.lib folder. I built the package using the OpenG package builder. When I tried to install the package I received the following error message: The machine is a PC running Windows XP 32-bit. My LabVIEW version is 2009. The VI package manager version is 3.0 (build 1280) Community Edition. Other packages (i.e. the JKI tester tool update) installed just fine before I tried my package. I previously built an OpenG package for a JKI RCF plugin distributed with in the company that worked well. I have tried modifying the package setup even down to a single file and I get the same problem. It would appear that there is a problem with the package I have built but I am at a loss as to what the problem can be. Thanks Jason
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