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  1. First ,Thank for JKI State Machines,Very Good. Just a Little slower program performance, Three JKI State Machines for data compute Parallel,CPU is not 100%. IN P4 3.0G computer,do not anything , JKI State Machines run one times to need about 10us~50us,main time used for Trim Whitespace.vi memory resize .when 3 JKI State Machines Parallel data compute, CPU is about 53%~60%.CPU is not 100%. I just guess that labview Memory manager is one factor 。of course , if data compute to need 10ms or more , Just a Little slower program performance with labview Memory manager.
  2. JKI state machine Memory performance I use labview trace toolkit , to find more JKI state Memory`s allocate if in main.vi four JKI state machine is used,HOW do labview Memory manager slower program performance?
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