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  1. On upgrading to VIPM 2014 SP1 the above problem resolved, it did not show the conflict message. But on installing "A", it did not uninstall the incompatible package "B". Eg. "A" has "B" and "C" as incompatible packages. On installing "A" if "B" and "C" are already installed, it properly uninstalls both "B" and "C". But if only B is installed already, installing A doesn't prompt for uninstalling B.
  2. I'm trying to build package "A" (dummy package it just contains one dummy VI). Package "B" is added as an incompatible package for Package "A". When I try to install package "A", it shows the attached error message if package B is already installed. If B is not already installed the following error did not appear and A is installed properly. It would be great if someone could explain why the following error occurs. It doesn't occur with all the packages, this occurs with only one specific package which was added as incompatible package. Also, this issue occurs only on installing from VIPM2014, it doesn't occur with VIPM2013. Error Message : "One or more packages you've selected cannot be installed together. This could be due to conflict condition between them, or their dependencies. Please try a different selection or installing packages one at a time
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