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  1. Hi This issue related to Shortcut Creation. I want to create Shortcuts in VIPM. But i don't the option. i tried some different methods. please any one help me.
  2. Hi Ashish When I Install the Installer in another system the underscore project folder same as the project name automatically created. i.e My project name ZigBee means _zigBee folder automatically created in that same folder. Inside of that folder niRFSG.dll file is present. How can i remove this file from my project.
  3. HI Ashish Uttarwar When i try to install my package in LabVIEW 2014 the error code 7 will appear. How can i rectify that. Suppose am try to install the same library file in LabVIEW 2012 means the build process will be stoped and display the error 66. How can i rectify these error.
  4. When I build my licensed library in VIPM am facing the error code 66. How can i rectify this error. am using LabVIEW 2012 Version.
  5. I am also facing that same error code 66 while build in VIPM. am using LabVIEW 2012 Version. Give any solution to me.
  6. I am using VI Package Manager for installer creation. In this project I want to create Multiple Palattes in function palatte menu. The problem is mnu file automatically go inside of the _MaxEye menu so the palattes are not displayed after installation. How can i rectify this issue. please assist me.
  7. This is related to Installation doubt.I want my executable and example vi's in the windows start menu while creating the Installer. As i already included Examples in the example folder so i cant move these same examples in to the folder called shortcut which was created by myself. what is the solution for getting the examples in the example folder as well as in the windows start menu including my application(exe).
  8. When i create my shortcut this error will be created.
  9. HI I want to create shortcuts for examples and some documents in my project it seems some error. how can I rectify the error in VI package Manager.
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