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  1. If you have a slow - heavily loaded pc (win7/64b) and LabVIEW(2018) is exceeding the timeout time. Then if you retry the installation from VIPM I have seen that two instances are launched. VIPM ought to see that there is already an instance being launched and wait for that to be ready.
  2. Tools: LV2013/32b, VIPM2013.0.1-1905(free) , Win 7/64b I have a LVLIB with a polymorphic VI+ its sub instances, which i want to package. For this, I add all the relevant source files - including the lvlib file. Destination is toolkit, and user.lib (see attachment) The functions palette is auto-generate for a start, then all but the polymorphic top instances are removed. (want a dense palette with only the essential vi's) Generate and install. BUT the installed palette looks like the auto-generated palette before editing. I.e. all the vi's are in the palette - also the instance vi's which were deleted. What could I be doing wrong her? Edit: If I unselect: palette->Custom Category, then the function palette is correctly installed in the edited version - but I want it to be in User Libraries sub palette. For this I can of course browse for the desired location, but I don't understand why the previously described method should not work as well. palette support.pdf
  3. Hello, Has there been any updates which takes care of this issue? henning
  4. I can only report same problem also with Win 7/64 bit and with LV2009/32. The coinstalled LV2009/64 does not have any menu item for TSVN, only LV2009/32. I dont recall to have seen any place in VIPM (vers 3.0 build 1280) where I can select between installation under LV2009/32 or /64. I guess this must be a feature to add then. Anyway the main problem is that it does not work as descibed in this thread, under any of the setups. I may add a piece of debug information. I tried to lower the user access control level to minimum - similar to what was the patch with TDMS under Excel TDMS Excell plugin, but unfortunately it did not give any improvement. I hope you get this to work. I would certainly pay for such a tool. Henning
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