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  1. If you have a slow - heavily loaded pc (win7/64b) and LabVIEW(2018) is exceeding the timeout time. Then if you retry the installation from VIPM I have seen that two instances are launched. VIPM ought to see that there is already an instance being launched and wait for that to be ready.
  2. Tools: LV2013/32b, VIPM2013.0.1-1905(free) , Win 7/64b I have a LVLIB with a polymorphic VI+ its sub instances, which i want to package. For this, I add all the relevant source files - including the lvlib file. Destination is toolkit, and user.lib (see attachment) The functions palette is auto-generate for a start, then all but the polymorphic top instances are removed. (want a dense palette with only the essential vi's) Generate and install. BUT the installed palette looks like the auto-generated palette before editing. I.e. all the vi's are in the palette - also the instance vi's which were deleted. What could I be doing wrong her? Edit: If I unselect: palette->Custom Category, then the function palette is correctly installed in the edited version - but I want it to be in User Libraries sub palette. For this I can of course browse for the desired location, but I don't understand why the previously described method should not work as well. palette support.pdf
  3. heel

    jki tsvn not quite working

    Hello, Has there been any updates which takes care of this issue? henning
  4. heel

    jki tsvn not quite working

    I can only report same problem also with Win 7/64 bit and with LV2009/32. The coinstalled LV2009/64 does not have any menu item for TSVN, only LV2009/32. I dont recall to have seen any place in VIPM (vers 3.0 build 1280) where I can select between installation under LV2009/32 or /64. I guess this must be a feature to add then. Anyway the main problem is that it does not work as descibed in this thread, under any of the setups. I may add a piece of debug information. I tried to lower the user access control level to minimum - similar to what was the patch with TDMS under Excel TDMS Excell plugin, but unfortunately it did not give any improvement. I hope you get this to work. I would certainly pay for such a tool. Henning

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