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  1. Hi, I have set up an internal VIP repository on a server and expose that to my users with Apache webserver using HTTPS. It works fine and after the users authenticate themselves with username and password they can see and download the packages in the repo. The problem is that even though they click "Use Password Manager to remember this password" they still get the authentication dialog the next time they open VIPM, and without any pre-filled data. Really annoying. Is there anything I must do on the web server to make it work or is this a bug? I'm using VIPM 2014.0.0 build 1941. The Apache version is 2.2.15 with a SSL-certificate issued by COMODO CA Limited. Kind regards LeifS
  2. Okay, but aren't there any another way? I mean, since I can do it from Windows Explorer (via VIPMHelper?) it seems that it might be possible via some kind of external command? My goal is to let my automatic build system (Jenkins) apply all nessecary packages specified in the VIPC file. If I understood it correct I need the Pro version of VIPM to use the API, and I also need the VIPM to be opened? My CI-server normally works as a service without the possibility to have applications open (system not logged on). Do you have any suggestions how to solve this? Can I write my own exe that wraps the API for this purpose? /LeifS
  3. How can I apply a VIPC file from my automatic build script? I found the VIPMHelper.exe that might be involved in applying from Windows Explorer, but is there a command-based way of doing this from a batch file or similar? /LeifS
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