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  1. That could work, the exe could move the appropriate files, restart LabVIEW, then re-mass compile all of the files that VIPM just installed. However, it's pretty redundant since VIPM is already mass compiling the files for me. Ideally, I could programmatically move the .NET config file into place, restart LabVIEW, then let VIPM continuine with installing and mass compiling (Actually, the truly ideal situation would be for VIPM to allow you to specify a .NET config file to be used during installation). Is there any way to do that? The other downside to compiling it myself with a post-package-install exe is that VIPM will say the package is fully installed and ready when in reality there could still be problems mass compiling with the .NET config file. Since we're now outside of VIPM, there could be a disconnect between the package being installed successfully and actually being usable. Any thoughts on how to configure LabVIEW with the .NET config file from within VIPM? If not it sounds like I'm stuck with making the user do it (as is currently done) or working around it with an exe or dependent package (which almost seems worse than making the user move the file).
  2. Hey All, I currently create a vip that requires a .NET configuration file when the user installs the package. This is known, and expected, since I'm calling certain NI VeriStand .NET assemblies and they need to re-link if I'm installing on a machine with differing versions of the assemblies than the package was created with. So, currently, I provide users with a .NET config file for their version of VeriStand, have them place it next to LabVIEW.exe (for the version they're installing for) then install the vip. This works great. However, it's a bit of a manual process and means that I have to create and supply a new .NET config file for every release of the .NET assemblies. The obvious solution is to programmatically create the .NET config file using VIPM's Pre-Install VI. The problem, though, is I then need to restart LabVIEW so that it see's the .NET config file and uses those assemblies when it mass-compiles. And I've had problems in the past when LabVIEW is closed during the vip installation. So, main questions, before I go through the trouble of creating/testing it out: 1. Can you restart LabVIEW from the Pre-Install VI without locking up or upsetting VIPM? My assumption is it won't like losing its reference to the environment. 2. If not, is there a better way to accomplish this? Does VIPM have any built in mechanism for using .NET configuraiton files with packages? Appreciate any thoughts/ideas!
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