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  1. I ran into this issue over two months ago and did a complete uninstall and reinstall. At the time, I had LabVIEW 2014 installed. I no longer have LabVIEW 2014 installed. However, LabVIEW 2014 did not have any issues with JKI installing packages. I've got a separate XP 2011 SP1 Dev machine that doesn't seem to be having any issues with JKI installing packages as well. Surely, there's something missing on my main machine that's preventing this.
  2. I followed your instructions and reinstalled the VIPM. I am still getting the same error. I have been in contact with NI about an issue with Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit. Very VI server related. I am wondering if I am running into similar issue. Something somewhere is not configured properly in my services.
  3. That was a big reason as to why I posted those pictures. I've already been through that support document/page.
  4. Also verified the port is not being used. Ran it on my linux machine. It's working with no set up required. What's up?
  5. I am having connection issues. VIPM will open LabVIEW 2011, and then that's it. Gives me the VI server error. But I've attached a picture of my VI server settings. Also, my firewall and Antivirus are Off and I've restarted my computer. I can also see and find examples. Any other suggestions?
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