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  1. Nothing else worked. I had to do complete uninstall, delete and install. Now it works OK. THANKS.
  2. Turning off firewall did not help. Adding exception in firewall for VIPM did not help. It appears it is getting things from the Internet. It says "getting http://...." Still no list of packages. I am not on a corporate network. I am not using a poxy. VIPM worked on this machine on this network befor the upgrade to VIPM 2010.
  3. I deleted the section that you mentioned from the Ini file. I restarted VIPM, it cam up blank and still does not list and packages after Checl All Package Reposities. The change to the Ini file had no effect. I have full Administrative access on this machine. There is no file C:\Documents and Settings\Don\Local Settings\Temp\icon.bmp on my machine. VIPM added the following to the end of the settings.ini file: [Repository] Repository URLs.<size(s)> = "0" Repository Folders.<size(s)> = "0" Perform SVN Update? = "Prompt" Perform SVN Commit? = "Prompt" Disable VI Package Network Connection = "FALSE" Repository Names.<size(s)> = "0" Repository Enabled.<size(s)> = "0" Repository Authorized.<size(s)> = "0"
  4. Attached are the files that you wanted. I had to add .txt extension to Settings.ini file in order to send it to you. Let's work quickly to get the information that you need to fix. Otherwise let's reinstall the application so that I can get runniung again. THANKS. August_07_2010.txt Settings.ini.txt
  5. I am running Win XP SP3 with all recent patches. I'm not sure what VIPM I was running, I downloaded it from JKI about 2 weeks ago. Apparently VIPM has some database or storage of packages that it thinks that it knows, but it is no displaying any of them. That is why the Check All Package Repositories says that there haven't been any changes since the last update. How do I clear that storage that it thinks that it knows. The Uninstall and install did not clear that, like it should. How do I get rid of ALL VIPM data so that it starts fresh on new download? Are there any internal logs that would shed light on what is happening?
  6. After downloading JKI State Machine to VPIM 2010 Package Maneger from NI network, selecting Labiew 2010 and pressing Install button, Install button greys out but nothing else happens. Package is not installed. No error messages. See attached JPG file. VPIM 2010 shows tested connections to Labview 2009 and labview 2010. Why doesn't this pakage install? How do I get VPIM 2010 to install packages?
  7. I was running the previous version of VPIM OK. Then I got a message that a new version was available and I installed that. With VPIM 2010, after I do a Check All Repositories, it says "... No new packages found since last time ...", but no packages are listed. If I locate MGI_General_VIs-3.7-18.ogp and do a Open Package Files, it seems to find it and some information about it briefly, but still no pakages are listed. Install button does some searching but still no packages are listed. Tools > Options > Labview shows tested connections to both Labview 2009 and Labview 2010, both on the same port. STIL no packages are listed. If I try and list installed packages, still no packages are listed. I uninstalled VPIM 2010 and installed it again, still no packages are listed. How can I get VPIM 2010 to scan the repositories and LIST all of the available packages? How can I get VPIM 2010 to install the same packages tat I had installed in Labview 2009 into LabVIEW 2010 ?
  8. Under Software Requirements for the VPIM 3.0 install, it lists the LabVIEW Runtime. It includes a link to install the LabVIEW Runtime. If you follow the link and download and install the LabVIEW Runtime, then VPIM 3.0 will install and run. But it won't do anything useful because the LabVIEW product is not installed. The implication in the Software Requirements was that only the LabVIEW Runtime was required to install and use the VPIM. This does not seem to be correct. I was hoping that I could use VPIM to view the contents of LabVIEW packages and that I could do this without the need for the LabVIEW product to be installed on the same machine. It seems that the VPIM blocks this usage of the product.
  9. I thought that VPIM did not need the LabVIEW product to be installed, only the LabVIEW runtime. I installed the LabVIEW runtime as VPIM instructed. Why wasn't this sufficient. Is the VPIM instructions in error about this?
  10. "I installed LabView Runtime 8.2.1, then I installed VPIM 3.0." When I installed LabVIEW Runtime 8.2.1, no LabVIEW.exe is installed with it. The VPIM 3.0 > Tools > Options > LabVIEW > Add New wants me to find a Labview.exe file on my machine, but there is no such file installed with the LabView Runtime 8.2.1. I see many files installed in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\LabVIEW Run-Time\8.2, but no LabVIEW.exe anywhere. Where can I get the file that VPIM 3.0 requires? Why does VPIM 3.0 require a file that is not in LabVIEW Runtime 8.2.1 ?
  11. I installed LabView Runtime 8.2.1, then I installed VPIM 3.0. But VPIM lists no packages. It says: "packages filtere out beccause you do not have LabVIEW version registered. Use Edit>LabVIEW Vesion Registration". But there is no such menu selection in VPIM. System requirements for VPIM lists only Labview runtime. What is wrong? How do I get VPIM packages to be listed?
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