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  1. Possibly related, I can't close then reopen a file within a test method. It feels like the tearDown VI is using the reference created in the setUp VI, without considering that the object being unbundled in tthe tearDown.vi might have been changed by test_CloseOpen.vi It may be this just isn't allowed, but if so, perhaps it could be more widely documented? A simple example is attached. It's written with LabVIEW 2019, but I can backsave if needed (not sure if the issue depends on the version though). The VI Tester version is (Feb 12 2019) according to the About page from the Runner. VI Package manager tells me I've installed the latest version, "v3.0.2.294-1", which mentions a fix for issue #39 in the change list. I'm therefore not exactly sure which version I have, and if I should reinstall things to check for a fix, but I'd guess initially that perhaps I have the latest version and the About page wasn't automatically updated? Edit: This may not have been the best thread to post to, but continuing to edit here to hopefully reduce the number of emails I may trigger. The issue described here: [FIXED in 3.0] DOM reference is lost when passed from Setup to test VI seems fairly similar in spirit. However, unlike in that case (as far as I could tell from reading), I don't actually open the reference in the Test Suite's new - I only populate a Path control (which I don't change). The reference is opened first in MyTestCase:setUp.vi, and closed in MyTestCase:tearDown.vi (which is where I hit the Error 1), and also closed+reopened (so a new reference, but the same path) in MyTestCase:test_CloseOpen.vi. When I receive the Error 1 in tearDown calling the object to close the reference, probing the reference shows a seemingly valid reference, which matches the value probing the Open.vi gives during the test. References-JKI_VI_Tester.zip
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