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  1. Thank you @Jim Kring for the KB and for the suggested workarounds. We were considering the option of adding toolkit directly to source, but then decided simply to get rid of it completely since we've used it just as simple DVR-based lookup table. Moving to Tree Map was not possible, because it supports LabVIEW 2019 and later, but our project is done in LabVIEW 2015...
  2. @Paul Cardinale, what browser do you use? I use latest Chrome, and no issues with that. Try to clear all the cache from the browser, sometimes it helps (I had similar problems with another website).
  3. I've faced this issue while building our internal toolkit, and now it was possible to replicate it with dummy project. There is Tree toolkit which is unpublished in VIPM repository, but it is possible to download and install it from NI forum. I've created project which includes VI from examples for this toolkit just. As it is unpublished, I was trying to add it as internal dependency - so from Package Build configuration first scanned the project for dependencies, then this toolkit was added there, and then I've removed it manually. But following error occurred during the build (on t
  4. Thank you @Jim Kring. In my case, I would not use it often. Just, for example, recently I was curious to find out how many toolkits use ESF toolkit (which is unpublished, but possible to download from NI forum). So I knew about one toolkit which was built based on ESF, but had no idea about the others. But now when I think it through, I can not find other cases when I'd need to check dependent packages - unless to find out which package is used in other toolkits, or in other words how much popular that toolkit is, or something like that...
  5. Just the idea - not sure whether it is possible to implement. There are some packages, which are used as dependencies in other packages. And, we can find dependencies of the packages by sending package to configuration; but we can not find packages which are dependent on some particular packages. If we could do something like right click on the package in the list -> Find dependent packages, and it would show us list of packages (ideally even not installed) which use that package as dependency, that could be sometimes useful. Now, for example, we use some package as dependenc
  6. We've implemented the following solution. One Drive is mapped to the same location on all PCs (Public Documents), and we have shared one folder as repository folder. So we could publish packages to that location from any PC, and scan it as VIPM repository. Thank you for your help, Sincerely, Ivan.
  7. Thank you very much! I've already tried that (added URL directly to ini file) but it didn't help. I guess there is really issue with Dropbox. Most probably we would do the following - add OneDrive (or Dropbox) folder to the same locations on all our PCs, and then treat them as local repositories...
  8. Is it possible to add Dropbox/OneDrive shared folder (by link) as repository using "Repository Manager" window? It allows to select just local folders. When I've tried to change it to public url and publish the package, it didn't work... My point is to create repository from which we could download toolkits internally in our company. What is strange, that VIPM changes URL to lower case letters - so url of Dropbox shared folder is not valid anymore, because it has upper/lower cases, thus making it as lowercase change URL completely. Thank you very much, Sincerely, Ivan.
  9. Hello, let me report the following issue, which was discovered by my colleague. We use LabVIEW 2015, SP1. JKI Design Palette v1.0.5.196. We have some project, which has dialog windows. And we've noticed, that sometimes when user did right-click on VIs title bar, LabVIEW is completely frozen. Then we've started to investigate the issue, and found out that Path control from JKI Design Palette causes high CPU usage -> which somehow in its turn causes issues with title bar context menu. When we have just 1 empty VI opened, CPU usage is low, around 1-2 %. But as soo
  10. Is it possible to export list of used packages from package configuration to some text file? The point is, that I'd like to include list of packages into the documentation - so now I have to write list of packages manually, based on the list which I see in VI Package Configuration Editor...
  11. In case when new (custom) destination's name starts the same as already existing one, then both destinations are treated as the same (not possible to edit name of custom destination, and when path is changed in one of them - it is reflected in another one). As the example, there is standard destination "Help Menu", then I've added "Help Menu Test" - both of them were treated as the same destinations. And then 3rd destination "Menu Test Help" was fine.
  12. Let me update this thread with new inputs. I've found error logs for the toolkit (I guess this is some new feature). And it says the following: Which network it tries to reach? Could it cause that crash? I have active internet connection, so that should not be a problem...
  13. In case if someone needs download link for VIPM 2019, here it is - http://traffic.libsyn.com/jkinc/vipm-19.0.2029-windows-setup.exe. I've found it in "C:\ProgramData\JKI\VI Package Manager XXX\updates\vipm-update.aiu" file. UPD: VIPM 2018 is accessible by this link - http://traffic.libsyn.com/jkinc/vipm-18.0.2027-windows-setup.exe VIPM 2017: http://traffic.libsyn.com/jkinc/vipm-17.0.2007-windows-setup.exe
  14. I can't because pro license has limited time of support. Like, one could use license to build packages, but there is no support after 1 year. Yesterday I've tried to install VIPM 2020 to another folder - but it didn't help; anyway older version was uninstalled. And moreover, now it is not possible to find installers for older versions online... So quite interesting situation - one could install VIPM 2020 by mistake, and then there will be no possibility to install VIPM 2019 (for example), because installer of VIPM 2019 is not on JKI website anymore (at least it is not possible to find it)
  15. When I search for JKI VIPM package using NI Package Manager, it shows two versions of the tool: 2019 and 2020. But when I select 2019, it anyway installs VIPM 2020 version.
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