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  1. Hello, let me report the following issue, which was discovered by my colleague. We use LabVIEW 2015, SP1. JKI Design Palette v1.0.5.196. We have some project, which has dialog windows. And we've noticed, that sometimes when user did right-click on VIs title bar, LabVIEW is completely frozen. Then we've started to investigate the issue, and found out that Path control from JKI Design Palette causes high CPU usage -> which somehow in its turn causes issues with title bar context menu. When we have just 1 empty VI opened, CPU usage is low, around 1-2 %. But as soon as we place there Path control, CPU usage jumps to 22-30%! And VI is just opened, it is not running. When we place any other path from "native" LabVIEW palette, CPU usage is around 2-5%. Thank you, Sincerely, Ivan.
  2. Is it possible to export list of used packages from package configuration to some text file? The point is, that I'd like to include list of packages into the documentation - so now I have to write list of packages manually, based on the list which I see in VI Package Configuration Editor...
  3. In case when new (custom) destination's name starts the same as already existing one, then both destinations are treated as the same (not possible to edit name of custom destination, and when path is changed in one of them - it is reflected in another one). As the example, there is standard destination "Help Menu", then I've added "Help Menu Test" - both of them were treated as the same destinations. And then 3rd destination "Menu Test Help" was fine.
  4. Let me update this thread with new inputs. I've found error logs for the toolkit (I guess this is some new feature). And it says the following: Which network it tries to reach? Could it cause that crash? I have active internet connection, so that should not be a problem...
  5. In case if someone needs download link for VIPM 2019, here it is - http://traffic.libsyn.com/jkinc/vipm-19.0.2029-windows-setup.exe. I've found it in "C:\ProgramData\JKI\VI Package Manager XXX\updates\vipm-update.aiu" file. UPD: VIPM 2018 is accessible by this link - http://traffic.libsyn.com/jkinc/vipm-18.0.2027-windows-setup.exe VIPM 2017: http://traffic.libsyn.com/jkinc/vipm-17.0.2007-windows-setup.exe
  6. I can't because pro license has limited time of support. Like, one could use license to build packages, but there is no support after 1 year. Yesterday I've tried to install VIPM 2020 to another folder - but it didn't help; anyway older version was uninstalled. And moreover, now it is not possible to find installers for older versions online... So quite interesting situation - one could install VIPM 2020 by mistake, and then there will be no possibility to install VIPM 2019 (for example), because installer of VIPM 2019 is not on JKI website anymore (at least it is not possible to find it). And that's it - not possible to use Pro license, because there is no supported VIPM version.
  7. When I search for JKI VIPM package using NI Package Manager, it shows two versions of the tool: 2019 and 2020. But when I select 2019, it anyway installs VIPM 2020 version.
  8. Is it possible to have installed on single PC 2 versions of VIPM? The point is that we have VIPM 2019 which has Pro license (since 2018), but now when I've installed LabVIEW 2020, it is not supported by VIPM 2019. And if I'll update it to VIPM 2020 license will be invalid already. Is it possible to install the newest VIPM software along with VIPM 2019?
  9. Thank you for your reply! Somehow yesterday I didn't realize that Edit could be used as Write, thank you. Glasses for reading will be great, this is similar as default accessors icons for VIs. I implement VI for CAN communication with some custom protocol. Thus I would like to read/write message by address, and send/receive command (or payload). Interesting is, that even Silver buttons set do not have such icons - although there are different kinds of icons. Regarding crashes - I've found out that on first call, after project is opened, it works for me, so I take all buttons which I need, and then work with application 🙂 Most probably, I have something with my LabVIEW installation (different toolkits, drivers, etc.), thus something could be wrong there.
  10. I try to use the toolkit when it does not crash 😉 and enjoy it a lot, but I've just found that there is no buttons with icons for such often used actions as Read, Write, Send, Receive. Also, there could be more "specialized", like Query, Execute, Init, DeInit, etc. Are there plans to expand the toolkit, or there is some specific reasons why those (at least more common Read/Write, etc.) are not implemented in the toolkit? Thanks a lot, Sincerely, Ivan.
  11. Dear JKI community, let me, please, share the following - button "Boolean--Home-House-40x40-Button-(flat)" has label "Pause 23". Thank you very much, Sincerely, kosist.
  12. Currently I use LabVIEW 2017 for my ongoing project, but I will give a try for LabVIEW 2018.
  13. Dear Jim, I've tried to open it manually. When I run Start.vi in the lvlibp, then the same error occurs. When I open "JKI Design Pallete.vi", it is not broken. But when I run it, the following error occurs (Scan string error). Also, I guess that this error causes LabVIEW crash (or, reason for LabVIEW crash is causing this error). I don't know, if dump file could help you, but let me attach LabVIEW crash report - maybe you could take a look on it please? 3ed54b83-8458-4358-92a6-e275e35f5894.zip
  14. Dear Jim, sorry for replying so late. I use Windows 10; and I beleive that it is not related to user rights. Actually, it works or not from time to time. Once I open LabVIEW - Design Pallete works; then I open some another project - it does not. For example, I open new VI, and load Design Pallete. It works fine. Then I close VI, don't save it, and open project. Call Design Pallete again - it does not work, that error is dropped. I close project, open empty VI, call Pallete - still error occurs. I close LabVIEW, start it again, open VI - Design Pallete works. Could it happen, that there are some in-memory dependencies conflict? Maybe pallete can't be loaded because lvlibp loads its VIs with the same names, which are already in LabVIEW memory? Upd: sometimes it works with the same project. Thus, most probably it does not related to dependencies... Thanks a lot, Sincerely, Ivan.
  15. Dear JKI community, let me, please, share the following - button "Boolean--Add-Plus-Transparent-Button-(flat).ctl" has label "Wrench" (although, there is real wrench in transparent buttons set). Thank you very much, Sincerely, kosist.
  16. Let me share the following please - button "Settings" does not have picture in the pressed state. Thanks a lot, Sincerely, kosist.
  17. When I've installed and activated "JKI Design Palette", everything worked. But then, on LabVIEW restart, the following error occurs, and I can't launch the pallete. What could cause this issue please? Could there be something missing? Because VIPM does not show any missing dependencies... Also, I use the latest build of "JKI Design Palette", and LabVIEW 2017. Thanks a lot in advance, Sincerely, Ivan.
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