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  1. Currently I use LabVIEW 2017 for my ongoing project, but I will give a try for LabVIEW 2018.
  2. Dear Jim, I've tried to open it manually. When I run Start.vi in the lvlibp, then the same error occurs. When I open "JKI Design Pallete.vi", it is not broken. But when I run it, the following error occurs (Scan string error). Also, I guess that this error causes LabVIEW crash (or, reason for LabVIEW crash is causing this error). I don't know, if dump file could help you, but let me attach LabVIEW crash report - maybe you could take a look on it please? 3ed54b83-8458-4358-92a6-e275e35f5894.zip
  3. Dear Jim, sorry for replying so late. I use Windows 10; and I beleive that it is not related to user rights. Actually, it works or not from time to time. Once I open LabVIEW - Design Pallete works; then I open some another project - it does not. For example, I open new VI, and load Design Pallete. It works fine. Then I close VI, don't save it, and open project. Call Design Pallete again - it does not work, that error is dropped. I close project, open empty VI, call Pallete - still error occurs. I close LabVIEW, start it again, open VI - Design Pallete works. Could it happen, that there are some in-memory dependencies conflict? Maybe pallete can't be loaded because lvlibp loads its VIs with the same names, which are already in LabVIEW memory? Upd: sometimes it works with the same project. Thus, most probably it does not related to dependencies... Thanks a lot, Sincerely, Ivan.
  4. Dear JKI community, let me, please, share the following - button "Boolean--Add-Plus-Transparent-Button-(flat).ctl" has label "Wrench" (although, there is real wrench in transparent buttons set). Thank you very much, Sincerely, kosist.
  5. Let me share the following please - button "Settings" does not have picture in the pressed state. Thanks a lot, Sincerely, kosist.
  6. When I've installed and activated "JKI Design Palette", everything worked. But then, on LabVIEW restart, the following error occurs, and I can't launch the pallete. What could cause this issue please? Could there be something missing? Because VIPM does not show any missing dependencies... Also, I use the latest build of "JKI Design Palette", and LabVIEW 2017. Thanks a lot in advance, Sincerely, Ivan.
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