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  1. Haha I initially had the same thought. I tried the command line thinking that I could avoid buying the pro edition.
  2. It works for me with 2017 on windows. Out of curiosity, why do you want to use the direct command line? I find the direct command line call more of a burden to use. When called from batch it is none blocking by default. On completion of the build VI Package Manager remains open. Consider creating a simple VI and use the VIPM API. See attached picture. Call the VI from command line. It's blocking and will clean up all processes after itself.
  3. Where can I find a download link for VIPM 2013.0.1 for windows? I am using VIPM2013 in my CI system and I am running into a bug fixed in version 2013.0.1. According to the 2013.0.1 release notes it looks like I'm running into " Case 14540". The jki site only provides a link to the latest version. I tried being resourceful. I searched old LabVIEW CD's. I tried a ftp site I found hosted by NI. I have found a large number of installers but none which are 2013.0.1.
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