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  1. Ed, look here : http://sourceforge.net/projects/opengtoolk...amp;sortdir=asc hope this helps Anke
  2. My VI Package Builder cannot access LabVIEW 7.1 I have 4 LabVIEW versions installed: - LV 7.1 - LV 8.6.1 - LV 2009 - LV 2010 All LabVIEW Versions have been assigned a different port in VIPM and the connection tested OK. I can install openg packages for all 4 versions. I started my first attempt to build my own package with a utility written in LV7.1 . In the package builder I selected LV7.1 and set the "Install Requirements" to WinXP and LV7.1 only. There are minor problems when attempting to edit the palette icons: The Package Builder always opens LV8.6 instead of 7.1. . When editing the "Custom Category Palette" icon the Package Builder first asks to open LV7.1 . When editing the "Function Palette" or "Controls Palette" icons the Package Builder does not even bother with LV7.1 and asks to open LV8.6 straight away. The main problem however is actually building the package for LV7.1. Again the Package Builder launches LV 8.6 instead of LV 7.1 . As my utility calls a subVI that is not part of the LV 8.6 VI.LIB the process ends here with an error message. When leaving and restarting the Package builder my selected LabVIEW version is always automatically changed from 7.1 to 8.6, because the VIPM "could not locate the original LabVIEW version configured on your system" Did I miss anything?? Anke
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