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  1. HI, Left with a funny in VIPM 2018, originally I had an error, where VIPM would fail do download a couple of packages required for the OpenG Toolkit. That issue is resolved (sort of), as I copied the necessary files from one PC to another, as suggested by another user on LAVA forum I'm now left with VIPM 2018 showing unresolved dependencies for the OpenG Toolkit. **copy of message originally posted on LAVA forum** Any suggestions welcome. Kev I've tried uninstalling the Toolkit and the two packages and reinstalling (which works okay, now the files are on the target PC), but I'm still left with a warning red-triangle on the OpenG Toolkit entry in VIPM - but right-clicking and selecting "Install Missing Dependencies' just gives me a dialog box that states "There is nothing to of. All the packages are already installed" As above "any suggestions welcome" Kev
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