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  1. Hi, Greetings from National Instruments Shanghai R&D. We have a link vipm://jdp_science_jsontext, we can use this link to launch VIPM to the jsontext toolkit install page, we uses System Exec.vi and pass a command line parameter to it(e.g, “cmd /c start vipm://jdp_science_jsontext”), this works perfect on Windows(put this vipm:// link into a web-browser also works). However, on Mac/Linux, we can not do this successfully, we can only launch vipm but cannot open to jsontext toolkit installation page. Is the vipm:// link recognized/supported by VIPM for Mac/Linux? Is there a way to launch VIPM 2017 for Mac/Linux to show a specific toolkit via command line parameter? If yes, how to do that? Thanks! Regards, Tianbin Xu
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