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  1. As I am developing the detailed help, I see that the help file reference can be set to <helpdir>:\ help file.chm. This requires that the help file be paced in the [LVDIR]\help directory. It would be good to allow developing help in the local directory and have the help file there until installation. This would require that the package manager redirect opening the local help file for package manager development but when installed, look for the help file in its standard LabVIEW pathing. This also avoids copying help files between the LabVIEW pathing and local pathing as edits to the help file are made and testing is performed.
  2. I cannot find a simple way to add bin3 files for my examples. When preparing bin3 files, the examples normally already need to be in the LV examples pathing. Suggest you add a development application that is similar to the LV "Prepare Example VIs for NI Example Finder...". This would also be an opportunity to improve on the way bin3 files are currently created by improving the user experience. Under the present system, can you tell me how I accomplish this since the examples files are located in the VIPM project pathing, not in the LV pathing? Jim Dougherty
  3. When I build an error occurs with a file intended to be an example and sent to LV\examples. See attached PNG file for the error dialog. This example has one of the XControls on the front panel and I suspect VIPM cannot find the XControl definition, but not sure of the root cause. The project is in an attached ZIP file for you to check. If I remove the examples from the project it builds and installs OK. Upon a successful install, two XControls should show up on the controls palette and some utility VIs on the functions pallete. The XControls were taken from NI examples. These also perform OK if I run them from the project folder. Jim Dougherty VIPM_XControl_Suite_Build_Error.zip
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