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  1. Open "Compare to Constant.xnode" with a text editor. Near the bottom, delete the two items "Untitled 4 (SubVI)" and "Untitled 5 (SubVI)" Then it will build.
  2. If your XML file is a LabVIEW library, you can get the icon by using: C:\ ... \National Instruments\LabVIEW xxxx\vi.lib\LabVIEW Icon API\Get Library Icon.vi and C:\ ... \National Instruments\LabVIEW xxxx\vi.lib\LabVIEW Icon API\Get Flattened Image.vi
  3. I downloaded your .vipm and tried to build. I noticed that in the error message, the file paths are wrong: There's a period in front of "XNode" C:\Users\10115984\Downloads\757905889_XNodesWontBuild\.XNodes\Support\Compare to Constant\Abilities\Bounds.vi There's no period in the actual path, so of course the files aren't found.
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