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  1. I manage about 20 internal packages for my company and some of my package are "low level", I mean used by other packages. OpenG packages do that too. It would be cool if VIPM could produce a view similar to the VI hierarchy but for package.
  2. What files should I send you? The content of C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\cache or C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\databases\LV 19.0 or both?
  3. As you can see below, VIPM is offering to update the OpenG LabVIEW ZIP Library but I already have the latest version (4.0.0-2) Maybe this confusion come from the fact that I have OpenG ZIP Library 4.2.0b1-1
  4. Ok, thanks for this, no less than what I was expecting from JKI 🙂 I don't really use NXG yet, I installed NXG 4.0 and had a quick look around, nothing more for now. Not sure yet when I'll start migrating my customer project, probably around end of 2020. At the moment I'm listing all the NI modules/drivers and "community modules" that I use in CurrentGen and start checking if and when they'll be available in NXG.
  5. I'm in no rush to move project to NXG, but I am curious, I saw on GitHub that JKI is has worked on a JKI State Machine for NXG and I was wondering if there was any similar project for EasyXML. I'm assuming the transition of this toolkit is not going to be a huge problem, am I right? I'm also assuming some NXG early birds have already tried the transition of EasyXML, anyone?
  6. version requires JDP version but the latest available version is See image :
  7. Use case : When working / debugging on a PreBuild or PostBuild action VI, I sometime keep the Pre/Post Build VI' FP & BD open for debugging in the context in which it was opened by LabVIEW when the build was started (NI.LV.MxLvProvider context instead of the usual main application context that you can see at the bottom left corner of the VI windows). When I am in this context, if I open the JDP, try to drag a control onto the front panel of the VI that is in the NI.LV.MxLvProvider context it doesn't work The work-around is to drag the control into another VI in the main app
  8. DP.mp4 it also shows up at unexpected moments, e.g when doing a save all from the lvproj window see video
  9. Yes, when the DP shows up as I open a project it is pinned. See attached video : I have a small project already open with the main.vi running Then open a DQMH project >> DP shows up pinned Untitled.mp4
  10. The design palette shows up every time I open a LabVIEW project, is it the intended behavior? And is it possible to change this? Cheers
  11. Here is what I'm currently doing : Is there a better way? xml catch.vi
  12. Here is the content of an XML file that I need to load : I don't know if this is standard XML... In capabilities, "yes" and "no" are options and in currentValue "no" is the selected value. Is there a way, using EasyXML, to read capabilities as an array of string and retrieve "yes" and "no" read currentValue as a string in order to retrieve "no" Thanks in advance
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