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  1. Hi, I am new to JKI VI tester so need help with the problem am facing. 1. Does JKI VI Tester supports testing multiple data sets within 1 test harness which has "VI Under Test"?(Refer a and b below) 2. How can we implement the concept of "Global and Local SetUp" and "Global and Local TearDown" in JKI VI Tester? (JKI VI Tester provide prebuild setUp.vi and tearDown.vi) Attached .zip file has JKIVITesterTestCase.lvproj which has 5 VIs. 1.Add.vi (VI under Test) 2.setUp.vi 3.tearDown.vi 4.testAdditionAPIOutsideForLoop.vi 5.testAdditionAPIInsideForLoop.vi a. testAdditionAPIOutsideForLoop.vi("passIfEqual.vi" API is outside for loop) In this VI I have provided array of input constants as test scenarios to the "passIfEqual.vi" and comparing it against expected array of constants. If input array equals output array result is passed. If one of the test fails, GUI provides output as <Array> != <Array>. Question: How can I get detailed report in JKI VI Tester GUI with passed and failed data sets? b.testAdditionAPIInsideForLoop.vi("passIfEqual.vi" API is inside for loop) In this VI single data set from array of constant is provided as input to "passIfEqual.vi" comparing it against expected constant value. If two of the data sets fails, GUI provides the overall result fail mentioning values just for 1st data set Question: How can we get report mentioning the fail condition for both the data sets? VITesterTestCase.zip
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