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  1. I'm exploring splash screen template of JKI SMO and I was wondering if there is way we could do bidirectional communication (using protected events) between Process.VI and TestLauncher.vi. As per the template design, I can see message going from launcher.vi to process.vi but even after creating, registering, and generating user events in process.vi, I couldn't see the events being fired in launcher.vi. Technically, I could not develop bidirectional communication in the template example. Please advise if you guys have any suggestions on it. Thanks!





  2. Hey Guys,

    I'm learning JKI state machine from the training and in one of the lesson Jim introduced very useful tool JKI state machine explorer but for some reason I do not see that when I right click on the JKI state machine while loop. Can someone tell me what else should I install other than JKI state machine from VIPM to have the explorer option?

    Thanks, Jatin

    JKI State Machine Explorer Doesn't Show Up.png

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