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  1. Hi Jim, Thank you for reply. I already use passing the path to the DLL call node before writing this post. One strange thing is When i call the DLL directly from the node and don't add it in the project. There is no problem but i can't use this method because the dll need dependancies and they are not always installed on the customer computer. If i add the dll in the project, it's path is modified. For the moment, i decide to have to edit the lvlib manually after installing the package. Maybe i can build a VI to do it with LabVIEW scripting. Regards
  2. Hi, I'm french user of VIPM and i'm trying to build a package. This is a driver and a wrapper on a DLL. The project includes a lvlib and i have added the DLL in a private virtual folder. Before VIPM conpilation, the DLL is referenced in the lvlib as : <Item Name="bb_api-32.dll" Type="Document" URL="../Private/bb_api-32.dll"/> After compilation, in the lvlib : <Item Name="bb_api-32.dll" Type="Document" URL="../../../../../../../../../../Documents/Drivers/.BB Series x32/Private/bb_api-32.dll"/> I don't understand why VIPM modify the file path and why it add a dot before "BB Series x32. Thank you so much for your help. Regards Guillaume
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