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  1. Hi Volks, i've tried out the new Flat UI 2.0 Controls. Therefore I installed the package using VIPM. First of all I found it quite annoying that every time labview starts the window with the control platte popped up and there's no quick to find way to disable this hence i uninstalled it. Every time I try to compile an application or start labview I'll get another annoying message: Can you name me a fix for this issue? I've no idea where the new control palette nested in. Thank you very much. Nice greetings and thank you for sharing your outstanding plugins / VIs 🙂
  2. I've read your newsletter and was really excited about your new control palette. What I wonder: What is the pricing for this? Is it for free? Sorry for this stupid question but I stubled a lot over "free" Librarys that turned out to be quite expensive. Thank you!
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