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  1. Hi Volks, i've tried out the new Flat UI 2.0 Controls. Therefore I installed the package using VIPM. First of all I found it quite annoying that every time labview starts the window with the control platte popped up and there's no quick to find way to disable this hence i uninstalled it. Every time I try to compile an application or start labview I'll get another annoying message: Can you name me a fix for this issue? I've no idea where the new control palette nested in. Thank you very much. Nice greetings and thank you for sharing your outstanding plu
  2. I've read your newsletter and was really excited about your new control palette. What I wonder: What is the pricing for this? Is it for free? Sorry for this stupid question but I stubled a lot over "free" Librarys that turned out to be quite expensive. Thank you!
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