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  1. It would also be nice to have the shell menu option "Add to VIPM Library." on *.vip files and not only on *.vipc files. This way *.vip files can be added to the VIPM library from the windows explorer without having to install them.
  2. Thanks. It would also be nice to have the "Add to VIPM Library." option on *.vip files and not only on *.vipc files.
  3. It also looks like VIPM keeps on trying to execute this unknown command because I noticed that the error logfile keeps on growing every 100ms until I close the VI Package Manager. The error logfile than contains this error message about 10 times per second. Even restarting the VIPM doesn't stop the error logfile from growing. It just keeps adding the same message over and over. Even restarting the PC doesn't seem to help. Whenever VIPM is open the error logfile keeps on growing. It only stops when I select "Apply Configuration" in the context menu because then VIPM can execute a known command and stops reporting this error.
  4. When I right-click on a vipc file in the windows explorer the context menu shows the option "Add Contents to VIPM Library". Selecting this opens the VI Package Manager but the contents of the vipc file are not added to the VIPM Library. The vipc file definitely contains the vip itself. The error file (located at C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\error) contains the following error : It looks as if the add-command is not supported (anymore)??? Best Regards, Stefan
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