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  1. I have been using JKI Design Palette and the EasyXML toolkit for a few weeks and I must say both are very useful tools, the former making my application look more professional and the latter saving a lot of time compared to coding a custom XML parsing. However, the "Best Attempt" Parsing feature of EasyXML turned out to behave differently from what I expected. Using the Easy Read XML File or Easy Parse XML functions, when passing an array of (type def) clusters as the "LabView Data (type)" argument, I expected that the missing data from the XML file (i.e. an element missing from a cluster) would be replaced by the default value defined in the type definition. It turns out not to be the case. The missing data is replaced by the LabView default value. This is problematic because this default value (0 for an int) is among the "legit" values I intend to use, as opposed to (for example) -1, that would allow me to immediately detect missing values. What surprises me most is that this behavior seems to have been acknowledged as non-optimal in this topic from 2010: Is there something I am missing here ? I tried using strict type definition, to no avail. The typedef enum I have inside my cluster also defaults to the first value, not to the default value I defined. Thanks, Henri
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