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  1. Hi, First of all the package is amazing, the only thing that bugs me is something with the "text only" button. It is perfectly great when using buttons with icons, normal processor usage time and Ghz value. But the real problem occurs when the "text only" button is placed, one core is maxed out, Ghz is on top, until the button is drawn on the screen. This is something that does not make a problem at all when you have 8 cores or a small application with just a few functions, but in a large application, with a relatively weaker processor(for example a laptop or tablet pc) this could cause the application to break and stop. This issue was detected by my colleagues and made a great head scratch about it to find the problem with the slow application, hope in the future this problem can be fixed, our attempt to edit the button was not successful, maybe the zero sized icon makes the draw process such a big fuss. Have anyone found a solution to fix this problem? Bye, -V
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