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  1. Short update regarding this issue. I found a workaround which is to duplicate a category and name it IOC, move it so the DMM states become again dependant on the DMM category, and after that creating states normally in the new category. I hope that helps if anyone else finds the same issue.
  2. Hi, I am having trouble when adding a new category from the State Explorer. I have recorded the process and attached it in a gif. I do the following: 1. Select "Create new frame" and name it --CATEGORY--, which becomes automatically the name of a new category. When I do this, the state of the new category contains a copy of the event structure frame for some reason. 2. Create a new state in that category (CATEGORY: state). The state contains yet another copy of the event structure. I am not sure what went wrong, I hope there is a way to fix it. Thanks.
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