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  1. Hi, I would like to ask for a help with the following issue: I am trying to distribute VIP file with some dependencies, which are not published on VIPM. Hence, I added them to VIPC and would like to distribute this VIPC with VIP file. Is this somehow possible?
  2. Hi, I would like to ask question about distributing package with another package which is unpublished. Essentially, we are creating LabVIEW Toolkit which uses an unpublished package https://forums.ni.com/t5/Reference-Design-Content/Dictionary-Library-Key-Value-Pairs/ta-p/3537786?profile.language=en. As far as I know there is no license, so we can include it as subpackage in our toolkit. My question is whether it is possible to somehow include it in VI package build, so that it will install with it?
  3. A little more info I found when playing around: I located .mnu file responsible for my palette in LabVIEW directory and deleted it. Now, as expected, show in palettes does not work. Also, my palette disappeared from LabVIEW funtions palette. When I restore .mnu file, palette is available once more, however, show in palettes displays Agilent 34401 palette after clicking again.
  4. Hi, I am having an issue with functions palette I generate in VIPM. The palette is generated and behaves correctly in LabVIEW, however, when I click "show in palettes" in VIPM after installing toolkit, instead of my functions palette, Agilent 34401 palette is displayed. Any idea what might be wrong?
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