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  1. Hmm yes I know but you mean to say when I divide 5 by 2 in native labview which would result in 2,5 may not be equal to 2,5 when I write it as a double constant?
  2. I was just creating a unit tests which compares to 1D arrays of doubles with each other. But it fails all the time while the data is actually equal to each other... Are there any issues now about comparing 1D double array's?
  3. It would also be nice if the standard template would have bit more space and that everything is lined up correctly
  4. It would be awesome if you were able to manipulate the order in which tests are being done (and optionally leave tests out). Example. I have a delete VI which deletes something. I return a boolean if it has actually been deleted. I also have a search VI which can look something up. Now in the unittest of the delete VI I have to actually verify that the record has been deleted. So after it has been deleted I also call the search VI, in the same unittest, which then checks if the record has been deleted. I also have a unittest which tests the search VI. It would save me time (not progra
  5. I want to report a bug which took me pretty long to figure out why it happend... When you create a testExample from the template the labels from error indicators are "error in (no error)" "error out" When you change this into "Error in (no error)", "Error out" the tests fail. I changed it to capitel letters because it looks better.
  6. Yes my operating system is Windows and yes the language is set to, in my case, to Dutch. About the second part. As I said I'm not very sure that it did ask permission, but I presumme that it didn't. And no user account control is not disabled in my Windows. What I suggest is, is that I should maybe remove VIMP and try to install it again (However question from my side regarding this, when I remove VIMP, can't I use OpenG and the other things in VIMP then no more?)
  7. Sorry for my (very) late reply. After the fix with the "run as administrator" it was solved for me. However... The answer to the first question is definitely no. I just did a clean windows and LabVIEW install at that time. To the second question I can't really remember. But I would presume no. Thirdly I still run it as administrator, as I said above. I just tried your fix but it didn't work. The shell command says something like (I can't translate it 1:1 to English), "Authenticated Users: There have been no allocations between any usernames or security-id's". So I would guess there is
  8. I just came across a small bug in the VI tester, after using it for the first time, nothing terrible luckily. Steps to reproduce: 1. Open example project of VI tester 2. Open VI Tester 3. Select a test, the "run 1 test" is now enabled and can be used. 4. Press the "reload" button. 5. The "run 1 test" is still enabled, however no test is selected. 6. Press the "run 1 test" button. 7. Error When the reload button is used the selection is removed and thus the "run 1 test" button should be disabled after using the reload button (or the selection should be restored). As I said
  9. I don't have a group called "Authenticated Users" but the "SYSTEM" and "Administrators" group, they both have the same permissions as in your screenshot. The "users" group has only "read" & "read & execute" marked. What is strange is that one "group" is missing namely myself the user "WG-" What I can tell you is this: - When I change the permissions of the "users" group and mark all permissions, VIMP works without using "run as administrator". When I change it back it doesn't work anymore. - When I add myself "WG-" to the permissions it works. I think the problem could maybe
  10. Ah thanks! Running it as administrator solved the problem! I didn't (forgot to) tried that. But to answer your question (don't know if you still need the info) i'm using windows 7.
  11. As the title and topic description says... When I start VIMP it crashes. It happens always (except after the installation of VIMP, so generally speaking I could also just reinstall and the problem is fixed for 1 time ) When i check the log it tells me that there are some permissions issues. Now the error log seems pretty straightforward to me but I'm wondering how can I fix this?
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